Garbage Truck

Carriage Removable Garbage Collection Truck

the full introduction of the German production of  technology and design. Using CNHTC truck chassis, the hydraulic system, electrical and electronic  control system, lubrication system and the main parts are domestic and imported famous brand. Good in appearance and performance. This type of garbage truck is mainly used for municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial waste, and are used for non-toxic, non corrosive and non industrial radioactive waste collection and transportation.

Can realize a main vehicle equipped with a plurality of garbage box, reduce the total cost of operation.  Rapid completion of loading and unloading and automatic garbage compression cycle control. Use of  lightweight container design, greatly reducing the weight of the vehicle itself. Vehicle bridge load-bearing by heavy truck 16 tons of bridge, a large tonnage, improves the carrying capacity. At the same  time with compression of the cargo, by of garbage filling and compression, reduce the volume of  garbage, so as to further enhance the rate of volume, improve work efficiency.

Container with guide roller, the HYVA18 tons pull arm, hydraulic system, ensure convenient to load and  unload the garbage box, improve work efficiency. Standard after the roller support or rear axle support  and improve the stability of vehicle in the soft road for loading and unloading;

SINOTRUK HOWO Compressed Garbage Collection Truck 15-16CBM 

Compressed garbage truck, connecting the main compartment with a collection box, with the 

most reasonable angle, blade type main launch board, has a special parabolic surface 

optimal loading angle formed by compressed garbage collecting box filling mechanism of 

30T above the rolling force, with 10T loading pressure in the pressure compartment, at 

the same time, launched in 5T has always been to squeeze pressure, squeeze compressed 

garbage, is conducive to the compressed garbage from the main carriage. Full volume 

utilization rate can reach more than 97%.

The vehicle function is complete, easy to operate, garbage loading, the hydraulic drive 

and electronic program controller control, accurate, reliable performance, performance 

and reliable. The garbage filling body, can automatically continuous work, can also be 

semi automatic one-way work, or manual operation, and return to the function.

The vehicle hydraulic drive, the maximum working pressure of 210bar, the system working 

pressure 180bar, rolling force on a garbage collection box is 30 tons, by collecting box 

into the main chamber when the loading capacity is 10 tons, the main launch plate on the 

extrusion pressure of compressed garbage, keeping 5 tons of garbage unloading force 

launched the 10 tons, the compression loading mechanism of each loading compression cycle 

time is 25 seconds, the launch cycle time in shirk refuse, no more than 45 seconds.


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