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Semi Trailer Dump Truck 3 Axles 60-80Tons 25-45CBM for Mining and Construction 

Our company is the production of a new Semi Trailer Dump Truck, the low center of gravity structure design, to prevent lifting rollover occurs. Lower center of gravity to 1.3 meters, 1.4 meters, when loading do not shake and do not susceptible to rollover, reduce the damage of tires and springs. The truck frame and the carriage has obtained national 

patent frame with 16 beam Manganese plate made greatly increases the bearing strength. Wide rear and narrow front design is more conducive to dump, is not easy to be blocked, goods uniform unloading, never lead to rollover.

The hydraulic cylinder of the Semi Trailer Dump Truck is made from the special manufacturers, its material strength is much higher than the ordinary cylinder, improve the use of the product cycle. 

The rear panel of the vehicle is locked with a mechanical device, the lock hook and the back plate are automatically opened at the time of unloading, and the blockage is avoided when unloading, especially when the stone is unloaded, and the loss of the vehicle is reduced.

The Semi Trailer Dump Truck is pulled goods volume can reach 45 CBM (non-standard 65CBM), 

the weight can reach 80t - 100t, greatly improving the work efficiency is 8x4 self 

unloading alternative products (Dump Truck up to pull 25 CBM).

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